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All about us…We are K3

“A bright young mind in the Knowledge Management field”

K3, or K-Cubed, is a start-up company from applied research carried out at the University of Edinburgh.  David Griffiths, Managing Director, pioneered a new model and methodology (The K-Core Method) for organisational knowledge and learning processes.

The company name (Knowledge to the power of three, or K3/K3-Cubed) represents the need for system design/diagnostics to acknowledge the needs of the organisation (local variety), the needs of the individual (human variety) and the processes that bind the two together.

K3 helps organisations (public, private and third sector) to realise their strategic and operational objectives in areas such as: growth, innovation, organisational sustainability through resilience, decision-making capability, continuous improvement, best value, organisational learning and Knowledge Management.

Using evidence-based methods designed and tested at the University of Edinburgh, K3 conducts soft systems diagnostics, system design, learning events, seminars and knowledge exchange around the strategic and operational needs of the organisation.

“David’s sharing was inspiring and useful especially when  we had to think about the future of KM in our organisation”

K3 does not engage in traditional consulting.  We believe in knowledge exchange.  David and the team focus on the sustainability of any given partnership and to enable this they work hand-in-hand with organisations to ensure they leave as much of their expertise behind as possible – this is not about a black-box approach, this is about making the analysis, findings and roadmap forward as clear as possible. All work is underpinned by quality assured development programmes that are designed to develop specific expertise; raise awareness of need, demand and understanding; and invigorate staff.

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