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Complexity: Response and Value (The Resilience Value Proposition)

Today is a short post by my standards and is designed to pull together themes explored in my last three or four posts.  Following up on ‘The Resilience Proposition of the Minimum‘, which got a fantastic response – thank you for the emails and Twitter comments! – I am taking this a step further to show how this evolves the Resilience Value Proposition for organisations.  Simply put, complexity is diffused via enabling competencies, which link to the ‘Proposition of the Minimum’, enabling the ability to act and developing market value via various forms of capital that are now being given currency through Integrated Reporting.

My basic argument with clients is that KM is a response to the environment, which is knowledge driven and complex, and therefore, if you are going to manage knowledge resources, you need to understand how enabling competencies inform the value proposition.  How do you do that throughout the HR Cycle?  Well, that’s where we come in…

2 comments on “Complexity: Response and Value (The Resilience Value Proposition)

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