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Rethinking KM development for a brighter future…?

Those of you that know me, or have read my blogs, will know that I am passionate about improving the future of KM. Could it be that we have been looking at this from the wrong perspective all along? If we want to change the our knowledge building capacity within organisations, then perhaps we should focus our energies on people who, or at least the vast majority, want to learn; children.

Why do we spend so much time and energy overcoming resistance to change, when it is change that is the lifeblood of knowledge-intensive organisations; why don’t we focus on teaching people to learn to change? Why do we cajole people into learning when our efforts could be better placed in enabling the future workforce to ‘learn to learn’ or ‘learn to change’.

Is it time for us, as KM educators, to give our time to the next generation? Could that be one of the best ways to serve our field? I know I can be a bit of an idealist, but just think what it could be like to work with people who will build the knowledge capacity of our organisations and our societies in the future. Our economy will one day be built upon their knowledge…

2 comments on “Rethinking KM development for a brighter future…?

  1. Md Santo
    August 23, 2011


    Hi David,

    I’m in agreement with you that the coming history of KM development is the history of the next achievement of the current young people we intended to educate presently. I just like to suggesting some notes as feedback regarding your issues.

    The items to be noted for the young people consumption are the followings : the content validity, learning-how-to-learn strategies incl. contextual learning, current paradigm shift, reliable KM metrics, interaction factors among technology – people – process, speed of current turbulent ecosystem, philosophical science of KM, and the most likely predicted landscape of the (near) future of KM respectively

    Md Santo – founder

    • David Griffiths
      August 23, 2011

      …and the seeds of an international youth development project are sown — I like it! [I did say that I am an idealist :)]

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