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Insights to organisational Knowledge Management – Testing a new general KM tool

Finally, one of the Case Studies is ready for feedback – The Core of the Matter:  Knowledge Management Insights from a Critical Case Study of a new General Model for the Field ––Knowledge-Management-insights-from-a-Critical-case-study-of-a-new-general-model-for-the-field

The paper is an anonymous MNC and focuses on a critical case study that tested the application of the K-Core, a general strategic management tool for the field.  The tool sits at the interface between human and technology-centric processes and works as an engagement framework with strategy as the binding agent.

The case study is a test and so therefore the methodology is detailed by necessity — I really do apologise for the academic language in these papers, but it’s a requirement of our publishing platforms.  This paper will be appearing later in the year and a reference will be made available at that point.  Please see this as a preview copy as a stimulus towards further conversations on KM and KM tools in general.

Also, as promised, I’ll be publishing a second case study later in June:  Knowledge at the new frontier:  Quintiles Project Services (Asia) – A case study of Knowledge Management in an emerging market.

I’m away at UFHRD 2010 in Pecs, Hungary this week and you can follow points of interest through Twitter:  Kcoreresearch

[Just another day and another point of view… It’s free, so take it for what it’s worth]

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