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Asia/Pac KM Talks November 2010

In November I am heading out to Asia/Pac for a couple of conferences and meetings with KM groups.  I would love to meet up with other KM enthusiasts  like myself (some might call me a KM nut) and so please let me know if you are attending any of the events…


ICICKM (Hong Kong) Nov 11/12 – New paper ‘Getting to the core of KM – A critical case study in Jargon PLC’ – preview will be available in the next 2 weeks

Melbourne/Sydney – between Nov 13 and 22nd KM group meetings to discuss evolving research and the impact for practitioners (I have time if anybody would like to meet up)

KM Asia 2010 – Nov 23/25 – Half day workshop and presentation on KM research and the impact on practice – also new paper ‘Navigating the new health:  KM in emerging markets, Quintiles Asia/Pacific’ – a preview will be made available in late September

So, what do you think?

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